What is the Best Desiccant Dehumidifier: Top Picks for 2024

What is the Best Desiccant Dehumidifier: Top Picks for 2024

Struggling with dampness in your home? As a seasoned expert with over a decade of experience in home climate control, I understand the discomfort and health risks posed by high humidity. This article delves into the effectiveness of desiccant dehumidifiers, especially in the UK's cooler climates. I've rigorously tested various models to ensure you get the best recommendations for maintaining a healthy, comfortable living environment.

Our Selections

1. EcoAir DD1 Classic MK6 Blue Desiccant Dehumidifier

If you’re battling dampness and mould in your home, the EcoAir DD1 Classic MK6 is an effective and efficient desiccant dehumidifier to consider.

I recently used the EcoAir DD1 Classic MK6 Blue Desiccant Dehumidifier to tackle a persistent mould issue in my flat. The dehumidifier worked wonders in reducing the dampness and preventing further mould growth. The built-in ioniser and silver filter helped purify the air, giving the room a fresher and cleaner atmosphere.

One of the standout features for me was the laundry mode, which allowed me to quickly dry my clothes indoors without taking up too much space. With the turbo and saving modes, I could adjust the speed and energy consumption to suit my needs. Additionally, the Super Quiet mode operated at just 34dBA, so it never disturbed my daily activities or sleep.

My only minor gripes with the EcoAir DD1 Classic MK6 were its 2 litre water tank capacity, which required more frequent emptying, and its slightly bulky design. However, the benefits and overall effectiveness of the dehumidifier far outweighed these drawbacks. The EcoAir DD1 Classic MK6 Blue Desiccant Dehumidifier proved to be a game-changer in maintaining a healthy and comfortable living environment in my home.

Based on the criteria we selected earlier, the EcoAir DD1 Classic MK6 Blue stands out for its lightweight design, powerful dehumidification capacity of 7.5 litres per day, and super quiet mode at only 34dBA. While the other products offer similar features, such as energy-saving modes and various safety functions, the EcoAir DD1 Classic MK6 Blue offers an excellent combination of dehumidifying power, portability, and low noise levels.

Additionally, its Silver Filter is easy-to-clean, making maintenance of the unit convenient. Therefore, if you’re looking for a desiccant dehumidifier that can handle a variety of uses, from your home to your office or boat, and prioritize quiet operation, the EcoAir DD1 Classic MK6 Blue is the best choice among these products.

The user reviews for the EcoAir DD1 Classic MK6 Blue provide some additional insights that were not mentioned by the manufacturer. Overall, the product has received positive feedback, with users highlighting its ability to efficiently remove water and reduce humidity levels in their homes. The fact that it generates warm air was also a major selling point for some, as it helped to reduce their heating bills during the winter. However, a few users noted that the dehumidifier can be noisy when running on full power, which may not be suitable for all households.

Additionally, some users reported that the machine can use a fair amount of power, which could result in higher energy bills. One reviewer also mentioned that the desiccant used in the machine can emit a strong smell, which can be unpleasant, particularly in a bedroom. Overall, however, the product received high praise from most users, who recommended it for its effectiveness in removing damp and improving air quality.

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2. EcoAir DD3 Classic Slimline 10L Desiccant Dehumidifier

If you’re looking for an efficient desiccant dehumidifier with a compact design, the EcoAir DD3 Classic Slimline is worth considering.

I recently had the chance to use the EcoAir DD3 Classic Slimline desiccant dehumidifier in my damp bedroom, and I was impressed with its performance. The unit was able to extract a significant amount of moisture, even with temperatures as low as 1ºC. Additionally, the built-in humidity sensor allowed me to set my desired humidity level, which proved quite energy-efficient, as the unit turned off once the level was reached and only turned on again when it rose above the set point.

Although the EcoAir DD3 Classic Slimline is lightweight and features a carry handle for easy transportation, I found that it produced a considerable amount of noise when operating at higher speed settings. This could be a drawback for some users, particularly in smaller spaces or at night when trying to sleep.

Despite the noise issue, I appreciate the addition of a washable anti-bacterial filter that effectively kills bacteria upon contact. The dehumidifier also comes with a 3-litre tank capacity and an optional continuous drainage function, making it a versatile and practical solution for controlling the humidity levels in your home.

Compared with the EcoAir DD1 Classic MK6 Blue, the EcoAir DD3 Classic Slimline 10L offers a higher dehumidification capacity of up to 10 litres per day, which makes it more suitable for larger spaces. The EcoAir DD3 Classic Slimline 10L also features a washable anti-bacterial filter, which is a plus for those concerned with air purity.

However, the EcoAir DD3 Classic Slimline 10L is slightly heavier at 6.8 kg, and its noise level is at 39 dB(A) in quiet mode, which is still acceptable but higher than the EcoAir DD1 Classic MK6 Blue. Overall, if you need a desiccant dehumidifier that can handle larger spaces and prioritize air purity, the EcoAir DD3 Classic Slimline 10L is a better option. However, if portability and low noise levels are your top priorities, the EcoAir DD1 Classic MK6 Blue may be a more suitable choice for you.

Based on the user reviews, there is some additional information provided by the users that is not already stated by the manufacturer. One user mentioned that the control panel is disappointing in that it effectively only provides two power levels, with both heater and fan remaining in lockstep. Additionally, low power mode is quieter but still irritating to listen to due to the loud humming noise emitted by the transformer inside the unit. Another user mentioned that the dehumidifier doesn’t remove condensation as effectively as expected, while a third user noted that the machine doesn’t warm the room as well as previous desiccant dehumidifiers.

However, several users were pleased with the dehumidifier’s performance in terms of collecting water from damp rooms, drying laundry, and even warming the room. Some users also praised the machine’s low noise level and energy efficiency. Overall, the reviews suggest that the EcoAir DD3 Classic Slimline 10L is generally effective at removing moisture from the air, but may have some limitations in terms of control options and heating capabilities.

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3. EcoAir DD128 Blue Desiccant Dehumidifier

If you’re in need of an efficient and compact dehumidifier for your home, the EcoAir DD128 is a great choice that offers impressive performance and added features.

I recently had the chance to try out the EcoAir DD128 Blue Desiccant Dehumidifier and I must say, it definitely lived up to its promise of providing efficient humidity control. The compact design made it easy to place in any room without taking up too much space or being an eyesore.

One of the standout features is the E7S technology, which helps optimise the dehumidifier’s performance while maximising energy savings. The IonPure filter and Ioniser were a nice touch as well, helping to purify the air and potentially reduce the symptoms of asthma and allergies.

On the downside, I did notice the noise level was a bit higher than some other models, and the power consumption could have been lower. However, when it comes to controlling humidity, condensation, and damp in your home, the EcoAir DD128 is undoubtedly a great investment.

Compared with the EcoAir DD1 Classic MK6 Blue, the EcoAir DD128 Blue offers a similar dehumidification capacity of 8 litres per day but comes with additional features like E7S technology for energy savings and an IonPure filter for air purification. The EcoAir DD128 Blue is slightly heavier at 6.1 kg, but it offers side tank removal and an antidrip tank with lid and handle, making maintenance more convenient. However, the noise level of the EcoAir DD128 Blue is not specified, so it is unclear whether it is quieter or louder than the EcoAir DD1 Classic MK6 Blue.

Overall, if you’re looking for a desiccant dehumidifier that can provide energy-saving features and air purification, the EcoAir DD128 Blue is a better choice. However, if portability and low noise levels are more important to you, the EcoAir DD1 Classic MK6 Blue may be a more suitable option.

The users of the EcoAir DD128 Blue have provided a range of positive and negative feedback. Many users praise the product for effectively removing moisture from the air, reducing or eliminating condensation, and preventing mould growth. Users have also noted that the machine is relatively quiet, especially in the low-power mode. Some users have also noted that the machine is capable of slightly warming the room, which could lead to cost savings on heating bills. However, a few users have reported that the machine can be costly to run and may significantly increase electricity bills.

Additionally, one user reported that the machine leaked after a few months of light usage and was poorly designed, while another user noted that the unit would intermittently pour water out onto the floor, even when the tank was not full. Finally, a few users have noted that the machine could benefit from a longer power cord. Overall, the feedback suggests that the EcoAir DD128 Blue is effective in removing moisture from the air, but potential buyers should be aware of the machine’s limitations and potential issues with leakage or high energy consumption.

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4. Meaco Portable Dehumidifier DD8L

The Meaco DD8L is perfect for keeping smaller spaces damp-free, thanks to its compact size, portability, and efficient performance.

I recently had the chance to use the Meaco Portable Dehumidifier DD8L and was impressed with its compact and lightweight design, making it easy to move around the house. This dehumidifier truly packs a punch despite its small size, offering a great solution for damp and condensation in flats, houses or even spaces like garages and boats.

The Meaco DD8L operates quietly at just 39 decibels – meaning it won’t disturb your day or night. It’s perfect for colder areas too, as its desiccant technology is suitable for temperatures below 10°C, providing warmth where needed. Additionally, the energy-efficient performance helps reduce household bills, with Meaco’s Control Logic offering up to 80% reduction in energy consumption.

I found the controls very user-friendly, with a variable humidistat offering 40/50/60% relative humidity options, along with a special laundry mode for drying clothes more efficiently. Although it’s not the quickest at drying laundry, it certainly does the job and helps prevent damp smells. Overall, the Meaco DD8L is a fantastic choice for smaller spaces and offers excellent value for money.

Compared with the EcoAir DD1 Classic MK6 Blue, the Meaco Portable Dehumidifier DD8L offers a similar dehumidification capacity of up to 8 litres per day, but it is slightly heavier at 7.4 kg. However, the Meaco Portable Dehumidifier DD8L features an adjustable humidistat, allowing for more precise control of humidity levels, which is a plus for those who need specific humidity conditions. The Meaco Portable Dehumidifier DD8L is also ultra-quiet, with a noise level of only 39 decibels, making it an excellent option for use in bedrooms or other quiet spaces.

Additionally, it is compact and portable, making it easy to move around your home or office as needed. Overall, if you prioritize low noise levels and precise control of humidity, the Meaco Portable Dehumidifier DD8L is a better choice. However, if you need a desiccant dehumidifier that is even lighter and more portable, the EcoAir DD1 Classic MK6 Blue may be a more suitable option.

The user reviews of the Meaco Portable Dehumidifier DD8L provide some additional information that is not stated by the manufacturer. Most users agree that the unit is very efficient in removing moisture from the air and is easy to use and manoeuvre. The dehumidifier is also helpful in drying washing indoors at a fraction of the cost of running a tumble dryer. However, some users note that the lead from the dehumidifier makes it difficult to remove the water tray, and there can be drips on the floor when emptying it.

Another user mentions that the controls could be more intuitive, and it does not remember previous settings, so turning it on takes several button presses for preferred settings. One user mentions that the dehumidifier can be noisy on full power, and another user notes that the unit is very efficient but to use it sensibly to avoid high energy costs. Overall, the Meaco Portable Dehumidifier DD8L has positive user reviews with very few negative comments.

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5. SRMTS Desiccant Dehumidifier

I’d recommend the SRMTS Desiccant Dehumidifier for small rooms, but not for larger spaces due to its limited capacity.

The SRMTS Desiccant Dehumidifier has been a decent addition to my small bathroom. It effectively prevents dampness and mould, especially in colder temperatures, as it can extract up to 1-3 litres of moisture per day and operate efficiently in temperatures as low as 1°C. I find this feature particularly useful during the winter months.

With a large water tank that has an automatic shut-off feature, I don’t have to worry about constant monitoring or potential overflowing. The digital control panel is also easy to navigate and set my desired room humidity level. Additionally, the swinging air outlet allows me to direct airflow as needed.

However, it’s important to note that the capacity of this dehumidifier is limited. It’s only suitable for rooms up to 10 square meters, and the maximum dehumidification capacity is 300ml per day. For larger spaces or more severe humidity problems, this unit might not be sufficient. Additionally, the mixed reviews from other users suggest there could be quality issues to consider before purchasing.

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6. EcoAir DD3 Classic MK3 Desiccant Dehumidifier

If you’re seeking an efficient and quiet desiccant dehumidifier for your UK residence, the EcoAir DD3 Classic MK3 is an excellent choice to consider.

Yesterday, I tested the EcoAir DD3 Classic MK3 desiccant dehumidifier in my home, hoping to tackle the damp and cold feeling in the air. Within just a few hours, I noticed a significant improvement. The dampness receded, and the atmosphere transformed into a more comfortable and dry environment.

One of the standout aspects of the DD3 Classic MK3 is its quiet operation, thanks to its 36 dBA sound level. This makes it a perfect choice for use even during the night or when working from home, as the sound does not create any disturbances. Moreover, the unit is relatively lightweight, making it convenient to move around the house for maximum efficiency.

Of course, it’s always wise to be aware of potential drawbacks. I found the water tank on this model to be difficult to remove when full, but perhaps, with more practice, that issue might become less of a problem. Additionally, the cost of energy usage should be considered, especially if the unit is expected to be in use for long periods.

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7. Meaco Portable Dehumidifier DD8L Junior

The Meaco DD8L Junior is an excellent choice for anyone looking to combat damp-related issues in small homes and outdoor spaces.

After using the Meaco DD8L Junior Dehumidifier, I was impressed by its ability to remove up to 8 litres of water from the air at various temperatures. This high capacity water extraction helps prevent condensation, mould, and damp-related damage, making it particularly effective in cold environments such as boats and garages.

The dehumidifier operates with low energy consumption, utilising a moisture detection mode that uses only one-sixth of the power compared to other desiccant dehumidifiers. I noticed a significant reduction in my power bills since I started using this product. Furthermore, the DD8L Junior runs quietly, peaking at 48dB, which is quieter than rainfall, allowing me to enjoy a peaceful environment while it works.

However, there are a few drawbacks. The 2-litre tank capacity can be limiting, requiring more frequent emptying, especially when dealing with high levels of moisture. Additionally, the preset humidity settings may not suit everyone’s preferences, as it doesn’t allow setting a target humidity percentage. Lastly, the lack of an auto shut-off feature means that the dehumidifier will not automatically switch off when the tank is full, which can lead to spillages if not monitored closely.

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8. Patelai 5 Pieces Indicating Silica Gel Dehumidifier Desiccant

You should consider the Patelai Indicating Silica Gel Dehumidifier due to its compact size, decent performance, and reusability.

I recently purchased the Patelai Indicating Silica Gel Dehumidifier Desiccant for my home. I needed something that was portable and easy to use throughout different areas and specifically in small storage spaces. My experience with this product has been pleasant overall, as I’ve found it versatile and effective in keeping my belongings dry.

The compact size of the tin canister allows me to place it in various tight spaces without any hassle. Although the aluminium casing might affect its efficiency, I have found it serving its purpose in small storage areas like shoe boxes, bags, closets, and storage bins. Additionally, I appreciate the reusability factor of these silica gel dehumidifiers, as it is simple to reactivate them in the oven when they become saturated.

However, it’s worth mentioning that this dehumidifier might not be the best option for larger spaces. It would have been more suitable if it had a slightly bigger capacity. Also, they require frequent reactivation, which can be a bit of a hassle. Nevertheless, for the price and the intended purpose – they fulfilled my expectations and have helped keep moisture under control in small enclosed spaces.

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9. ITP Packaging Absorpole 4 Pack

With its excellent moisture absorption ability, the ITP Packaging Absorpole is a must-have item for damp rooms and long shipments.

I recently used the ITP Packaging Absorpole in my damp garage, and I can confidently say that the moisture absorption ability of this product is impressive. As I hung the poles in recesses, I observed that they captured the excess moisture and kept my space dry and free from mould.

While using the Absorpole, some things that really stood out to me were its environmentally friendly features. Not only are the poles made of recycled plastic, but they are also recyclable, allowing me to play my part in being more eco-conscious.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that the Absorpole is a bit more expensive when compared to other dehumidifier products on the market. Also, the poles might not be suitable for smaller rooms and might be a bit challenging to remove and replace in tight spaces. But all in all, the ITP Packaging Absorpole is an exceptional product for extracting moisture in large spaces, especially for long-duration shipments.

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10. Wisedry Silica Gel Packs Dehumidifier

I highly recommend the Wisedry Silica Gel Packs for anyone in the UK seeking an efficient and reusable desiccant dehumidifier solution.

I recently started using the Wisedry Silica Gel Packs in my home, and they have truly impressed me with their performance. The orange beads change colour as they absorb moisture, making it incredibly simple for me to know when it’s time to recharge or replace them. The fact that they are food grade and free from harmful chemicals gives me peace of mind as I use them to keep moisture levels down in areas with food and medicine.

The packs can be easily recharged by popping them in the microwave or oven, but make sure not to overheat them. It’s vital to wait until they are saturated before recharging, or you risk scorching them. Furthermore, storing the vacuum-packed sachets can be a bit tricky, but once you figure out the best way to store them, it’s a minor issue.

If, like me, you need to use multiple packs at once, recharging all of them at the same time can require several cycles. Overall, though, the Wisedry Silica Gel Packs are an excellent, reusable desiccant dehumidifier solution for the UK, and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of effective moisture control.

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Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the best desiccant dehumidifier for my home, there are a few key factors I need to consider. In this buying guide, I will highlight the important features to look for and how to make an informed decision.

Alternatives to Desiccant Dehumidifiers

An alternative to using a desiccant dehumidifier is to use a refrigerant dehumidifier. Refrigerant dehumidifiers work by drawing air into the unit, where it is passed over a cold evaporator coil. As the air cools, the moisture in it condenses and collects in a water tank or drain hose, while the dry air is reheated and returned to the room. Refrigerant dehumidifiers are generally more energy-efficient than desiccant dehumidifiers and are better suited for use in larger spaces or higher humidity environments. However, they can be noisier and may not be as effective at lower temperatures.

Dehumidification Capacity

The first thing I want to think about is the dehumidification capacity ‒ how much moisture it can remove from the air in a certain amount of time. This is usually measured in litres per day. Depending on the size of my space and the level of humidity, I should choose a dehumidifier with the appropriate capacity. For example, a smaller room with moderate humidity would need less capacity than a larger, damper space.

Noise Level

As I want to use the dehumidifier in my living environment, it’s important to consider its noise level. Thankfully, desiccant dehumidifiers are generally quieter than compressor-based ones. I should still check the decibel (dB) rating to ensure it meets my comfort level, especially if I plan to use it in my bedroom or workspace.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another important factor I need to take into account. Desiccant dehumidifiers may use more energy than their compressor counterparts, so it’s essential to look for an energy-efficient model. An easy way to do this is by checking for an energy rating. A higher rating means better efficiency, which will help save on electricity bills in the long run.

Extra Features

Some desiccant dehumidifiers come with additional features that can make them more user-friendly or useful. These include things like a built-in hygrometer to monitor the room’s humidity, adjustable fan speeds, and a timer function. While not essential, these features could help improve user experience and provide extra convenience for me.

Price and Warranty

Lastly, I want to consider the price and warranty when choosing the best desiccant dehumidifier. It’s important to find a balance between affordability and reliability, as I want a device that will serve me well without breaking the bank. In addition, a good warranty period will give me peace of mind that I’m protected against any unexpected issues.

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