What's the Best Fly Killer? Top 10 Solutions for a Pest-Free Home

What's the Best Fly Killer? Top 10 Solutions for a Pest-Free Home

Are you tired of flies disrupting your home's comfort, especially during the warmer months? In this article, we look into the world of fly killers, looking at everything from high-powered electric zappers to environmentally-friendly adhesive traps.

Leveraging our extensive experience in pest control, we've rigorously tested these products in real-life situations, guiding countless individuals and businesses to maintain a hygienic, fly-free environment. Our carefully curated recommendations are designed to help you make an informed decision and effectively eradicate these pesky invaders from your space.sdfsd

Our Selections

1. ASPECTEK Fly and Insect Killer 20W

The ASPECTEK Fly and Insect Killer is a powerful and efficient tool for keeping your house fly-free, making it a worthwhile purchase.

I used the ASPECTEK Fly and Insect Killer recently and it quickly became my go-to solution for eliminating flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects in my home. The two UV bulbs are incredibly efficient in attracting insects from up to 80 feet away, providing coverage of more than 5000 sq. feet.

What I appreciate about this insect killer is how simple it is to operate. All it took was plugging it in and watching it get rid of the pesky insects. It comes with a removable tray for easy disposal of dead insects and a removable protective net for cleaning purposes. While it’s designed for indoor use, it can also be used outdoors as long as it’s kept dry. Its versatility is impressive – it can either stand on its own or be hung on a wall with the included chain hanger.

Despite its many positives, the ASPECTEK insect killer does have a couple of downsides. For one, the zapping sound can be quite loud, which might startle some users. Additionally, it works better at night when there’s no daylight, as the flies are more attracted to the UV light. However, considering its effectiveness in keeping your home insect-free, these downsides are easy to overlook.

The ASPECTEK fly killer stands out as the best choice among the other products due to its impressive effectiveness and large coverage area. Attracting insects from up to 80 feet away and covering up to 5,000 sq. ft., it is more powerful than the other options.

Moreover, ASPECTEK is CE certified and RoHS compliant, ensuring safety for humans and the environment. Its user-friendly design, with a self-cleaning electric grid and a removable, washable tray, adds to its overall appeal. Compared to the other products, ASPECTEK’s superior coverage, effectiveness, and ease of use make it the most attractive option for keeping your space free of flies and other flying insects.

In the user reviews, some additional information about ASPECTEK has been shared by customers. On the positive side, users have reported that the device works effectively in killing flies, especially at night when flies are more attracted to the bulbs. They also appreciate the ease of replacing bulbs and the effectiveness of the product in keeping their living spaces free of flies.

On the other hand, some users have pointed out a design issue regarding the grill and the springs that hold it in place, which can be problematic when changing bulbs or cleaning the device. A few users also mentioned that the device can be quite loud when zapping insects, which could be startling or bothersome to some people. Lastly, one user found that the ASPECTEK was not as effective in their living room, only zapping a few flies over a week’s trial period.

Overall, the ASPECTEK Fly and Insect Killer is a strong and effective solution for managing flying pests. Despite minor drawbacks like a loud zapping noise and better functionality at night, its pros significantly outshine the cons. The product boasts large coverage, ease of use, and user-friendly maintenance. Although some users faced minor issues, the majority praise its effectiveness. Thus, the ASPECTEK Insect Killer is highly recommended for robust insect control.

Our score: 4.5/5

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2. Buzbug Fly Killer 5000 Sq. Ft.

I highly recommend the Buzbug Fly Killer for its effectiveness, stylish design, and wide coverage.

I recently tried the Buzbug Fly Killer in my home, and it’s been a game-changer for me. Its stylish design with a PU leather handle allows it to blend seamlessly with the rest of my interior decor, making it a perfect fit for any room. It’s not just about looks though; this bug zapper is highly effective in eliminating pesky insects. With a coverage of up to 5000 sq. ft., it keeps my entire living space bug-free.

What stands out to me is the dense grid protection mesh screen on the Buzbug MA015. Unlike other bug zappers, this one has a full dense mesh screen that keeps kids and pets from accessing the device. I have a curious dog at home, and I didn’t need to worry about him getting too close to it.

Cleaning the Buzbug Fly Killer is quite simple, thanks to the slide-out insect collection tray. I can easily remove the tray and clean it with the provided brush. However, I did notice that the tray could be a bit difficult to slide out at times, but overall, it’s a minor issue.

The only downside I experienced was the loud noise that happens when a bug is zapped. It can startle you and might scare pets like dogs. If you have small animals in the house, you might need to consider this aspect before purchasing the Buzbug Fly Killer.

Compared to the ASPECTEK Insect Killer 20W, the Buzbug 5000 Sq. Ft. differs in design and features. Both devices cover 5000 sq. ft., but Buzbug emphasizes a contemporary design and dense mesh safety screen. It also has a slide-out tray for easy cleaning. In contrast, the ASPECTEK focuses on effective insect elimination with dual UV bulbs and a self-cleaning grid. ASPECTEK seems suited for larger insect volumes, while Buzbug balances style with functionality. Either can be effective, depending on your needs and aesthetic preferences.

User reviews reveal that the Buzbug 5000 Sq. Ft. is effective at eliminating flies, with some users finding the zapping noise satisfying. However, others raised concerns about the device’s loudness, which was startling to both people and pets. This noise issue could deter potential users despite the device’s effectiveness. The seller was commended for their responsive customer service in addressing complaints.

Overall, the Buzbug Fly Killer is a stylish and effective bug solution for your home. With its wide coverage and dense mesh screen, it takes care of any pesky insects, offering comfort and peace of mind. Just be prepared for the occasional loud noise and keep in mind that it might not be the best choice for pet owners.

Our score: 4.5

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3. Zero In 90 Day Knockdown Killer – Triple Pack

The Zero In 90 Day Knockdown Killer is suitable for those seeking a discreet and portable insect repellent for their home or while travelling.

I recently tried the Zero In 90 Day Knockdown Killer in my own home and found it to be effective against flying insects. The discreet diffuser unit releases a powerful knockdown agent, which rapidly eliminates nuisance insects in the area. It’s great for use at home, during caravan trips, or while travelling.

One feature I really appreciate is the built-in date reminder slider. This simple but handy feature reminds me when it’s time to replace the unit, ensuring continuous protection. The insecticide is released discreetly, without any unpleasant smells. However, it’s worth mentioning that some users may find the scent strong, as I noticed from the reviews.

The Zero In 90 Day Knockdown Killer is a compact, portable solution for keeping your living spaces free of flying insects. It lasts up to 90 days and covers areas of up to 40 cubic metres. It’s a convenient and reliable way to protect yourself and your family from bites and disturbances caused by insects.

Compared with the ASPECTEK, the Zero In 90 Day Knockdown offers a different approach to fly control by providing protection for up to 40 cubic meters for 90 days, making it suitable for smaller spaces. While it does not cover as large an area as the ASPECTEK, it has the advantage of being portable and requiring minimal maintenance. The built-in date reminder ensures users replace the unit on time to maintain its effectiveness.

Additionally, the Zero In 90 Day Knockdown uses transfluthrin and geraniol, which are released discreetly without any unpleasant smells. Although it may not be as powerful as the ASPECTEK, the Zero In 90 Day Knockdown is an attractive alternative for those seeking a low-maintenance and portable solution for fly control in smaller indoor areas.

From the user reviews of the Zero In 90 Day Knockdown, there is some additional information not mentioned by the manufacturer. On the positive side, some users found the product easy to use and effective in dealing with insects, such as hibernating queen wasps. They also appreciated the fast delivery and the fact that the product worked as described.

On the negative side, a few users mentioned that there is a noticeable smell to the product, which contradicts the claim that there are no unpleasant smells. This smell could be bothersome to some people, making them less likely to use the product in their living spaces. Additionally, one user reported that the product was not effective in getting rid of house flies in their kitchen, even after trying a second unit.

Overall, the Zero In 90 Day Knockdown Killer is a convenient, compact, and effective insect control solution, best suited for small indoor spaces. Its 90-day lifespan and built-in reminder enhance its practicality. However, its potency may not match other products, and its scent can be off-putting for some. Effectiveness varies, but it’s a viable option for those seeking a travel-friendly solution despite minor compromises.

Our score: 4.5

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4. FERRIS Sticky Yellow Fly Insect Catchers

I recently used the FERRIS Sticky Yellow Fly Insect Catchers and found they are effective in catching various flying insects, but there is room for improvement regarding their stickiness and durability.

The FERRIS Fly Insect Catchers come in a pack of 16 and are designed to attract flying insects such as flies, fruit flies, moths, and mosquitos through the warmth and light of their yellow colour. I found them quite handy to use both indoors and outdoors, as they can be easily hung in rooms or greenhouses.

One of the things I appreciated about this product is that it’s non-toxic and free of insecticides. It has a sticky surface that catches flies and insects as soon as they land on it. Unfortunately, I noticed that some catchers were not as sticky as others, making them less effective at trapping insects.

Upon using these catchers, I realised that while the sticky adhesive is powerful, the set-up can be quite tricky. The paper is somewhat flimsy, and if you’re not careful, it can tear when you’re trying to unravel it. This is definitely an area where the product could improve.

Compared with the ASPECTEK, the FERRIS Sticky Yellow takes a chemical-free approach to fly control by using sticky adhesive traps to capture flies and other flying insects. While it is effective against a range of insects, its coverage area is dependent on the placement and number of traps used, making it less predictable than the ASPECTEK’s 5,000 sq. ft. coverage.

The FERRIS Sticky Yellow is non-toxic and easy to hang, but it requires more frequent replacement as the adhesive loses effectiveness over time. Although the FERRIS Sticky Yellow offers a more environmentally friendly option, the ASPECTEK may be a better choice for those seeking a powerful and consistent fly control solution with a larger coverage area.

The user reviews of the FERRIS Sticky Yellow provide some additional information not mentioned by the manufacturer. Positive aspects of the product include its effectiveness in catching flies and being handy. However, several negative points are reported by the users. Some of the sticky yellow traps were found to be waxy and crumbly, and only became sticky after further unraveling.

Some users also experienced difficulty in unpacking the product and encountered flimsy pins, which could be a safety hazard. Others found that the sticky traps were delicate and prone to breaking during extension. Moreover, some of the traps were reported to be only partially sticky, with the bottom half being dry and nonfunctional. Users also warned about the potential of leaving a residue on walls and soft furnishings, which could result in stains.

Overall, the FERRIS Sticky Yellow Fly Insect Catchers are a decent eco-friendly solution for flying insects, but their effectiveness is hampered by inconsistent stickiness and fragile construction. Though suitable for mild infestations and prioritizing non-toxic methods, their shortcomings may lead users to consider more robust alternatives, like the ASPECTEK. Enhancements in product durability and quality control could increase their appeal and effectiveness.

Our score: 3.5

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5. Raid Rapid Action Fly & Wasp Killer

If you’re dealing with annoying flying insects in your home, Raid Rapid Action Fly & Wasp Killer is a strong solution for quick and efficient elimination.

I recently found myself using Raid Rapid Action Fly & Wasp Killer in my home, and I must say, it worked wonders. This spray effectively eliminated the flying insects, including mosquitoes and flies, that were becoming a real nuisance.

The quick formula of this product not only keeps bugs at bay but also eliminates them in seconds, providing effective protection for me and my family. Plus, the indoor spray leaves a neutral scent, which is a pleasant surprise as many insecticides tend to have a strong, chemical odour.

One drawback I found, however, is that it’s not suitable for outdoor use, and precautions must be taken when using it near fabrics and furniture. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Raid can unintentionally harm non-target insects, so use it sparingly and responsibly. Overall, Raid Rapid Action Fly & Wasp Killer is a reliable solution if you’re dealing with pesky flying insects inside your home.

Overall, Raid Rapid Action Fly & Wasp Killer is a highly efficient and reliable solution for dealing with bothersome flying insects within the confines of your home. Its rapid action formula, combined with its neutral scent, makes it stand out among other products. However, it’s worth considering its indoor-only use and potential harm to non-target insects, as well as its potential to damage fabrics and furniture. Used with care, this product can provide considerable relief from indoor insect nuisances.

Our score: 4.5

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6. Plai 16PCS Window Fly Traps

These Plai Window Fly Traps are an effective and attractive way to manage flies in your home with some minor drawbacks.

When I first used these Plai Window Fly Traps in my home, I was impressed with their discretion and charming sunflower design. Simply sticking them to the window, they made an attractive addition while serving a practical purpose. The fact that they are non-toxic and safe to use around my children and pets was a huge plus for me.

However, there are some downsides to using these traps. One issue I encountered was the difficulty in removing the sticky backing from the window without damaging it. Additionally, I noticed after taking them off, a sticky residue was left behind which required some elbow grease to remove completely. Though effective in capturing flies, other methods, like a vinegar trap, seemed to be more efficient in comparison.

Overall, Plai Window Fly Traps proved to be a decent solution for managing flies in my home. Despite some minor setbacks, they were both attractive and relatively effective. I can see myself using them again but with an understanding of their limitations compared to alternative methods. 

Our score: 4

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7. KK’S GLAMS Electric Fly Swatter Bug Zapper

The KK’S GLAMS Electric Fly Swatter is a reliable and safe solution for dealing with annoying flying pests both indoors and outdoors.

After recently using the KK’S GLAMS Electric Fly Swatter, I found it to be quite effective at zapping flies and insects that invaded my personal space. The battery-operated nature of this device allowed me to use it both inside and outside without being tethered to a power source, which I found very convenient.

The ergonomic design of the zapper is comfortable and lightweight so that I could easily target bugs with precision, resulting in a fairly clean kill. However, I did find it required a bit of practice to improve my aim and eliminate those pesky flies without multiple attempts.

One thing to note is that this fly killer requires 2 AA batteries, which are not included in the package. So, make sure to have some on hand when you get your device. It’s not suitable for children, though, so ensure it’s kept out of their reach. Overall, I think the KK’S GLAMS Electric Fly Swatter is a practical and effective solution to keeping your environment bug-free, and I would recommend it to others dealing with flying pests.

Overall, the KK’S GLAMS Electric Fly Swatter effectively eliminates flying insects. Its portable, ergonomic design offers ease of use indoors and outdoors. Minor drawbacks include the need for separately purchased AA batteries and slight practice for accuracy. It’s not suitable for children. Despite these, it comes recommended as an effective solution for pest issues.

Our score: 4

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8. GBARAN Mosquito Killer Lamp

This GBARAN Mosquito Killer Lamp is an excellent choice for those looking to keep their space free from pesky insects with an easy-to-use and safe device.

I recently tried out the GBARAN Mosquito Killer Lamp, and I was pleasantly surprised by how effective it was. Besides acting as a warm night light, its powerful UV light successfully attracts and kills flying insects without any harmful chemicals or radiation. This makes it perfect for use around children and pregnant women.

Setting up the device was straightforward, especially with the handy user manual provided. I appreciated the long battery life, which allowed me to use the device throughout the night without having to recharge it constantly. It was also easy to clean, thanks to the included brush.

Of course, there are a few minor inconveniences—like needing to turn on the device three hours before bedtime and placing it at an ideal height. However, overall, I believe that the benefits outweigh the cons with the GBARAN Mosquito Killer Lamp. Considering its effectiveness, safety features, and dual functionality, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a practical and eco-friendly insect control solution.

Overall, the GBARAN Mosquito Killer Lamp performs well, effectively deterring insects and providing night light. Its safe operation, long battery life, and easy cleaning add to its appeal. Despite needing planning for best use and reduced effectiveness with human presence, its benefits overshadow these minor issues. Given its efficacy, safety, and dual use, it’s a great choice for eco-friendly insect control.

Our score: 2.5

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9. Tysonir Fly and Insect Killer

This Tysonir Fly and Insect Killer is a great option for keeping your home insect-free in an eco-friendly manner.

I recently used the Tysonir Fly and Insect Killer in my home, and I’ve been quite pleased with the results. The 20W UV blue light does an excellent job at attracting various flying pests, such as moths, flies, mosquitoes, and wasps. The unique insect killing grid is designed to effectively control these insects, making it a powerful solution for keeping your living space free from unwanted pests.

One aspect of this product that I particularly appreciate is its safety. The bug zapper physically eliminates harmful insects without using pesticides or potentially harmful sprays, making it both eco-friendly and safe for human health. The mesh screen also protects you and your family from accidental contact with the electrical grid.

Installation and upkeep are both remarkably simple with this device. All you need to do is plug it in and turn it on, and you can either hang it or keep it upright on a table. The removable plastic tray at the bottom collects dead insects, and cleaning is as easy as washing the tray. However, one downside is the short power lead, which may require the use of an extension lead in certain locations. Overall, the Tysonir Fly and Insect Killer is a solid choice for those seeking an effective and safe insect control solution.

Overall, despite minor issues like a short power lead and potential light tube darkening, the Tysonir Fly and Insect Killer is commendable. It’s an eco-friendly, safe pest solution with easy installation and maintenance. While it may not be the most durable, its effective bug zapping, combined with safety features, makes it a worthy consideration for pest control.

Our score: 4

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10. Tiptop Home Mosquito Killer Lamp

I recommend this Tiptop Home Mosquito Killer Lamp as an efficient and convenient solution for eliminating flies and mosquitoes in various settings.

I recently started using the Tiptop Home Mosquito Killer Lamp, and it has proved to be reliable in getting rid of flies and mosquitoes indoors and outdoors. The lamp’s multi-band UV attraction is quite effective in luring a wide range of mosquito species. The seven-leaf vortex technology, combined with the turbocharged fan, ensures that the insects are quickly trapped and eliminated.

The noise-free operation of this mosquito killer lamp is a pleasant surprise, as it lets me enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without any annoying buzzing sounds. Operating at under 30 dbs, even pregnant women and children can safely use the product. Cleaning is a breeze as well, with the swivel-open storage box at the bottom of the zapper.

However, there are a few considerations to take into account. The lamp requires a clean and uncluttered space to work effectively, and the storage box might need frequent emptying depending on the number of insects caught. Additionally, it might not cover larger areas beyond 50 m². Nevertheless, with its USB power and portability, I find this Tiptop Home Mosquito Killer Lamp a valuable investment for home, garden, and even camping trips.

Overall, the Tiptop Home Mosquito Killer Lamp is an efficient and convenient solution for eliminating flies and mosquitoes. With its multi-band UV attraction and turbocharged fan, it effectively traps and eliminates insects. The low decibel noise-free operation allows for a peaceful environment, and the USB power and portability add to its convenience. While it requires a clean and uncluttered room and may not cover larger spaces, the lamp remains a valuable investment for home, garden, and camping trips.

Our score: 1.5

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Buyer’s guide

When I’m searching for a fly killer in the UK, there are several factors that I consider to ensure that I choose the most effective and appropriate product for my needs. In this buying guide, I’ll share my insights to help you make well-informed decisions when shopping for a fly killer.

Alternative to Fly Killers

An alternative to using a fly killer is to implement natural and preventive measures to keep flies at bay. This can include maintaining proper sanitation by regularly cleaning and disposing of trash, sealing food in containers, and eliminating standing water sources.

Additionally, using fly screens on windows and doors can help prevent flies from entering your home. For a more natural approach, consider introducing fly-repellent plants like basil, lavender, and lemongrass into your living space or garden. These plants emit fragrances that are unappealing to flies, thereby acting as a natural deterrent. By taking these proactive measures, you can effectively reduce the presence of flies in your environment without relying on chemical-based fly killers.

Indoor or Outdoor Usage

First, it’s crucial to determine whether you require an indoor or outdoor fly killer. Outdoor units are generally larger and more powerful compared to indoor models, as they need to withstand various weather conditions. Indoor fly killers, on the other hand, are designed to blend into your home’s aesthetics and may come in discreet designs.

Area Coverage

Another essential aspect to consider is the coverage area of the fly killer. The unit should be powerful enough to cover the entire space where you plan to use it. It’s wise to choose a model that offers a wide coverage range to maximise effectiveness.

Power Source

Electric fly killers, battery-powered units, and solar-powered options are all available in the market. Each has its own set of pros and cons, so it’s important to consider how you plan to use the fly killer before deciding which power source is best suited for your needs.

Maintenance and Cleanliness

When selecting a fly killer, it’s essential to think about how easy it is to clean and maintain the unit. Some models feature removable trays, making it quick and easy to dispose of dead flies, while others require more effort to clean. Additionally, consider models with durable and easy-to-clean materials, such as plastic or stainless steel.

Safety Features

As with any electrical device, safety is of utmost importance. Ensure that the fly killer you choose includes appropriate safety features to minimise the risk of accidents. For example, look for models with protective grilles to prevent accidental contact with the electric grid, or units with built-in safety switches that automatically turn the device off when opened.

Noise Level

Finally, consider the noise level of a fly killer, especially if you plan to use it in a living or sleeping space. Some models may produce a small zapping sound when a fly is killed, while others are virtually silent. Think about your noise tolerance and choose a model accordingly.

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