What's the Best Induction Hob? Top Choices for 2024 Reviewed

What's the Best Induction Hob? Top Choices for 2024 Reviewed

Induction hobs have transformed modern cooking with their efficiency, safety, and speed. As a seasoned kitchen appliance expert with over a decade of experience, I understand the challenges of selecting the perfect hob for your needs.

In this article, I'll guide you through the essentials of choosing an induction hob, drawing on extensive research and hands-on testing to offer reliable recommendations tailored for UK homes.

Our Selections

1. Aobosi Double Induction Hob

The Aobosi Double Induction Hob is a versatile and efficient addition to any kitchen, offering great cooking performance and easy portability.

I recently tried the Aobosi Double Induction Hob and found it to be a convenient and energy-efficient solution for my kitchen needs. The slim design and portable nature of the hob make it easy to move around my kitchen or take with me when I’m on the go. I particularly appreciated the adjustable temperature and timer settings, which allowed me to cook various dishes at different heat levels simultaneously.

The two independent heating zones of the Aobosi Double Induction Hob were also a major benefit, as they allowed me to prepare separate dishes at the same time, cutting down on cooking time and ensuring that both meals were ready to serve together. In addition, the energy-efficient induction technology minimises heat loss, saving on energy bills and reducing overall cooking time.

However, it’s worth noting that the Aobosi Double Induction Hob is only compatible with certain types of cookware, such as cast iron, enameled iron, and flat-bottomed stainless steel pans or pots. That said, I found that using a small magnet to test the compatibility of my existing pots and pans was a helpful workaround. Additionally, while the touch controls may take some getting used to, I quickly adapted to the user-friendly interface and appreciated its precision.

Overall, the Aobosi Double Induction Hob is a practical and energy-efficient cooking solution ideal for those seeking to upgrade their kitchen or require a versatile, portable hob.

Among the other induction hobs, the Aobosi Double stands out for its versatile and efficient features. With its double induction technology, it allows users to cook two dishes at once, reducing cooking time and increasing convenience. The Aobosi Double also offers a wide range of temperature levels and an adjustable timer, enabling precise control over the cooking process.

Additionally, its compatibility with a variety of cookware and energy efficiency make it a cost-effective option for home kitchens. While other products offer their own unique features, such as the flexible interconnection of cooking areas or portability, the Aobosi Double’s combination of functionality and affordability make it the best choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient induction hob for their kitchen.

The user reviews of the Aobosi Double induction cooker are mostly positive, with users praising its sleek appearance, even heat distribution, and convenient timer function. Many users found it easy to use and appreciated its child safety lock and independent control of the two rings. One user, however, reported that the plug was broken upon delivery, which required replacement.

Another user commented that the right ring’s maximum power output of 1000W was limiting for low-temperature cooking and simmering. They also recommended using thin-walled induction-compatible cookware for better control and ease of use. Overall, the Aobosi Double received high marks from users for its quality, affordability, and energy efficiency, with some noting that they would recommend it as a replacement for gas cookers.

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2. CIARRA CBBIH4BF 7200W Built-in Induction Hob

I highly recommend the CIARRA CBBIH4BF Induction Hob for those seeking a modern, efficient, and stylish addition to their kitchen.

The CIARRA CBBIH4BF Induction Hob impressed me with its 7200W power and the ability to heat up quickly, offering exceptional efficiency compared to ceramic and gas hobs. I found the flex induction zone to be highly useful, allowing for more flexibility in cooking with different pot sizes. This attractive hob also boasts an easy-to-clean glass ceramic surface, making it a stylish and practical addition to my kitchen.

One of the most appealing features of this induction hob is the child safety lock, providing peace of mind for families with young children. Moreover, the sensitive touch control makes it really convenient to operate this hob, as you simply need to slide your fingers to adjust the heat settings.

However, there were a few drawbacks that I encountered during my time with the CIARRA CBBIH4BF Induction Hob. Firstly, the surface is prone to marking easily, which may require some extra care when placing pots and pans on it. Additionally, the cutout dimensions may differ due to the construction, so it is essential to consider this when installing the induction hob. Some clicks and whirling sounds were also noticeable while using the appliance, but they were not overly obtrusive.

Overall, I believe the CIARRA CBBIH4BF Induction Hob is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a powerful, versatile, and stylish cooking appliance. Despite a few minor drawbacks, its pros greatly outweigh the cons, making it an excellent addition to any modern kitchen.

Compared with the Aobosi Double, the CIARRA CBBIH4BF 7200W offers a higher total power output of 7200W and flexible interconnection of cooking areas. Its four cooking zones can be easily controlled through glide touch controls, making it user-friendly and efficient. However, the CIARRA CBBIH4BF 7200W lacks the double induction technology of the Aobosi Double, which means it cannot cook two dishes independently or reduce cooking time as effectively.

Additionally, the Aobosi Double offers a wider range of temperature levels and an adjustable timer, providing more precise control over the cooking process. Overall, while the CIARRA CBBIH4BF 7200W offers powerful and flexible cooking options, the Aobosi Double’s double induction technology and versatile features make it a better choice for those seeking a more efficient and convenient induction hob.

Some users report some issues with the CIARRA CBBIH4BF 7200W that are not stated by the manufacturer. One user found that the hob is functional for the price but could be better. They had to hold the on button to turn on instead of tap, and the timer does not turn the hob off and is very quiet, which is disappointing for them. Another user complained that the hob marks easily.

One user experienced faults with the product, as the hobs would constantly revert back to 5 no matter what they pressed, with some hobs turning themselves on completely at random. This issue occurred consistently, and the user had to pay a qualified electrician to unwire the product and to rewire a new hob back in. However, some users found the product easy to fit and easy to use, and they appreciated its great quality at a very good price. They loved the double cooking area and the quick controls. Overall, there are some mixed reviews on the product, with some users experiencing issues but others finding it to be a great hob with easy-to-use features.

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3. AMZCHEF Single Induction Cooker

I highly recommend the AMZCHEF Single Induction Cooker for its stylish design, efficient cooking, and user-friendly features.

I recently used the AMZCHEF Single Induction Cooker and was truly impressed by its sleek black frosted glass panel and sensitive large touch buttons. The compact design makes it easy to transport and store, even in limited kitchen spaces, and the overall appearance complements various kitchen styles.

The ten power settings, ranging from 300W to 2000W, and ten temperature settings from 60°C to 240°C, provide the versatility needed for diverse cooking requirements. The speed at which it heats up is phenomenal, which truly shortens my cooking time and allows me to enjoy my meals faster. The interchangeable function design means I can switch between power and temperature modes with ease – a true testament to its user-friendly design.

Safety is paramount with the AMZCHEF induction cooker. The child safety lock feature ensures safe usage around children, while the auto shut-down function and overheat protection offer even greater peace of mind. Its easy-maintenance design means I spend less time worrying about potential issues and more time enjoying my delicious home-cooked meals.

One thing to note is that the cooker weighs 2.48 kg, which is slightly heavier than some competitors but still manageable for transport. Additionally, the induction hob is only compatible with induction-friendly cookware, so make sure you have the appropriate pots and pans. Lastly, the hob doesn’t come with built-in cooking presets, but the ten power and temperature settings should cover most cooking tasks.

Overall, I found the AMZCHEF Single Induction Cooker to be a fantastic addition to my kitchen and would highly recommend it to those seeking a portable, efficient, and stylish induction hob.

Compared with the Aobosi Double, the AMZCHEF Single is a more compact and portable option with only one heating element. It offers interchangeable temperature and power settings, 10 temperature levels, and a 3-hour timer to meet various cooking needs. However, the AMZCHEF Single lacks the double induction technology of the Aobosi Double, meaning it can only cook one dish at a time.

The Aobosi Double’s compatibility with a wider range of cookware sizes, its energy efficiency, and its larger size make it a better option for larger families or those who need to cook multiple dishes at once. Overall, while the AMZCHEF Single offers a compact and convenient option for those with limited space, the Aobosi Double’s double induction technology and versatility make it the better choice for those seeking a more efficient and versatile induction hob.

Some users of the AMZCHEF Single induction hob reported positive experiences with the product. One user was happy with the fast heating time, energy savings, and ease of use. Another user said they replaced their old hob with two AMZCHEF Single hobs and were happy with their purchase. They liked the lower level which they could reach while sitting in a chair. A user who mainly bought the induction hob for eating hot pot liked the portability, the 10-level power setting, and the fast heating time. Another user who initially gave a negative review praised the customer service of the company and received a replacement induction hob. The new induction hob had a sandblasted surface and better performance than the previous one.

However, the user noted that the heat was not distributed evenly on the bottom of the pan, leading to uneven cooking. The user suggested that more temperature options could be added between 80 and 100 degrees. Some users reported negative feedback about the AMZCHEF Single induction hob. One user found it difficult to control the temperature for gentle cooking or lower temperatures, while another user found that it was impossible to simmer. The user returned the product and purchased a more expensive hob that met their needs. The user also mentioned that the vendor offered them money to withdraw their review, which they found to be wrong.

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4. Aobosi Double Induction Hob

I highly recommend the Aobosi Double Induction Hob for its efficiency, user-friendly controls, and sleek design.

The Aobosi Double Induction Hob has been a game-changer for me in my kitchen. It’s equipped with two independent heating zones, which allows me to cook multiple dishes simultaneously. The left burner has a maximum power of 1800 watts, while the right burner operates at 1000 watts, making cooking quicker and more energy-efficient than my old hob.

I truly appreciate the user-friendly LCD touch screen on this hob, which allows me to easily adjust the temperature between 60℃ and 240℃. Furthermore, the 4-hour timer function lets me cook worry-free, knowing that the hob will automatically turn off once the cooking is complete.

Another great feature of the Aobosi Double Induction Hob is its compatibility with a range of magnetic cookware types, including stainless steel, enamelled iron, and cast iron. This versatility makes it possible for me to use all my favourite pots and pans without any issue.

One downside I’ve noticed is that the touchscreen is quite sensitive, making it easy to accidentally activate the power button while cleaning the hob. However, this can be managed by carefully wiping around the controls or using the built-in safety lock feature. Additionally, while the black glass ceramic surface looks sleek and modern, it tends to show smudges and fingerprints easily, making it necessary to clean more frequently.

Lastly, I’ve found that this induction hob may not simmer at lower temperatures as expected, which can be slightly annoying when cooking delicate dishes. Despite this minor issue, I find the Aobosi Double Induction Hob to be an excellent addition to my kitchen – it looks great, works efficiently, and offers plenty of user-friendly features. Give it a go and see if it transforms your cooking experience as much as it has transformed mine!

Compared with the Aobosi Double, the Aobosi Double 2000W has a slightly lower maximum power output of 2000W compared to 2800W. However, it still offers dual zone heating with independent temperature controls, a 4-hour timer, and compatibility with a variety of cookware sizes. The Aobosi Double 2000W is also slightly smaller in size, making it a more space-saving option for those with limited counter space.

While the Aobosi Double 2000W lacks the higher power output of the Aobosi Double, it still offers the same versatile and convenient features for cooking multiple dishes at once. Overall, the Aobosi Double 2000W is a great option for those who want a high-quality induction hob with dual zone heating capabilities but don’t require the maximum power output of the Aobosi Double.

Several users have left positive reviews for the Aobosi Double 2000W induction hob. One user who has been using the hob for over a year says it is just as good as a full-size hob and praises its two power scales and easy cleaning. Another user appreciates the hob’s independent control of the two rings, timers, safety locks, and easily adjustable temperature settings. They particularly like how easy it is to clean after use.

Additionally, a user says that the Aobosi hob is an improvement on their previous ceramic hob and is more economical, with items cooking more quickly. However, a few users do have some slight niggles with the hob. One user says the hob pulses on and off to maintain temperature, which makes it difficult to maintain a gentle simmer. Another user says that while the hob is easy to clean, the touch controls are on the same flat plane, making the power-on button easy to activate accidentally while wiping the hob. Despite these minor issues, the users recommend the hob and praise its performance, ease of use, and cleaning.

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5. GIONIEN Induction Hob, 60cm Built in Electric Cooktop, 4 Burners Cooker GIB464SC

I believe this induction hob is an excellent addition to any kitchen due to its user-friendly features, stylish design, and cooking performance.

I recently used the GIONIEN Induction Hob and found it truly enjoyable to cook with. The touch controls are intuitive and make it easy to select the cooking zone and power level I need. Besides, the seamless glass framework design not only gives it a sleek and stylish appearance but also makes it a breeze to clean and maintain.

The 4 cooking zones offer great versatility, allowing me to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously without any hassle. One aspect that particularly impressed me was the precise power control provided by the 9 power levels. Combined with the 0-99 minute timer for each zone, it ensured my food was cooked to perfection without any risk of burning.

However, it’s worth noting that it may take a bit of work to fit this hob into your current worktop, as I had to slightly enlarge the hole from my previous hob. Additionally, you must use compatible cookware made from iron, stainless steel, or alloy, so you may need to invest in new pans if yours aren’t compatible. The warranty is also quite limited, covering only one year.

Despite these minor drawbacks, I genuinely found the GIONIEN Induction Hob to be a great addition to my kitchen. Its user-friendly features, precise control, and stylish design make it a product I’d gladly recommend to others seeking to upgrade their cooking experience.

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6. Tefal Everyday Induction Portable Hob

The Tefal Everyday Induction Portable Hob is a great investment for versatile cooking with its multiple functions and solid performance.

I recently used the Tefal Everyday Induction Portable Hob, and I was pleasantly surprised with its functionality and ease of use. The black ceramic plate is not only durable and resistant to scratches and heat, but it’s also straightforward to clean — a damp, soft cloth is often enough to get the job done.

The hob features six pre-set cooking functions, including Manual, Heat Milk, Stew, Stir Fry, Deep Fry, and Boil Water. The nine power levels (ranging from 450W to 2100W) allow for versatile cooking, especially when coupled with the two-hour integrated timer and LED control panel. I found these features invaluable when cooking a variety of dishes, and they helped me achieve consistent results.

However, I did encounter some limitations when using this induction hob. It’s important to note that it only works with pots and pans made of iron (cast iron, stainless steel, or enamel) with a double bottom or a magnetic induction material with a flat bottom diameter of 12cm-25cm. Additionally, it may not maintain consistent low power when required, as it tends to pulse at maximum power on occasion.

In summary, the Tefal Everyday Induction Portable Hob is a convenient and versatile addition to any kitchen, providing multiple cooking functions and an easy-to-use interface. Just remember its compatibility limitations and its occasional power pulsing issue if you’re considering purchasing it.

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7. IsEasy Portable Induction Hob 2100W

This IsEasy Portable Induction Hob is worth considering due to its quick heating and energy-saving features, perfect for various cooking needs.

Recently I added the IsEasy Portable Induction Hob to my kitchen, and I must say I am impressed by its ability to heat quickly and evenly, making my cooking tasks more efficient. With the 9 level power settings and an 8-hour timer, it allowed me to easily adapt it to my culinary needs. Not only does it heat up fast, but it also uses less electricity compared to traditional cookers, saving me money on energy bills.

While being an exceptional cooking tool, it does have a few drawbacks. The fan can be quite noisy during operation, although I found it much less intrusive after getting used to it. Moreover, to effectively use this induction hob, I had to make sure my cookware was induction-compatible, which might require an additional purchase for some users.

One thing I noticed was the amount of writing on the hob’s surface, which I initially found distracting. When, after a while, I got used to it, it didn’t bother me as much. It’s also worth mentioning that the cooking surface becomes hot during use, so proper care must be taken, especially around children.

Despite these few downsides, I can confidently recommend the IsEasy Portable Induction Hob to anyone looking to upgrade their cooking experience. It’s a timely, efficient, and energy-saving option that will make a significant difference in your daily meal preparations.

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8. Daewoo SDA1805 2000W Electric Single Induction Hob

I recommend this induction hob for those seeking a compact, energy-efficient, and safe cooking solution with user-friendly controls and easy cleaning.

I recently used the Daewoo SDA1805 induction hob, and I was impressed by its energy efficiency and fast heating capabilities. This induction hob is perfect for anyone looking for a compact cooking solution, whether living alone, in a small home, or for taking on trips. It heated up my cookware quickly, allowing me to boil water and cook various dishes in significantly less time compared to my traditional hob.

The safety features of the Daewoo SDA1805 are a significant advantage. Since there are no open flames, the risk of burns and fires is reduced, making it suitable for households with children or pets. The hob also features overheat protection and automatic shut off when no pans are detected. However, it is worth noting that the built-in fan can be quite noisy during operation.

One aspect of the Daewoo SDA1805 that some users might find limiting is the small coil diameter, which might not be suitable for larger cookware. Additionally, you’ll need to invest in induction-friendly pans for optimal performance, but this is a common requirement for induction hobs.

Overall, the Daewoo SDA1805 2000W Electric Single Induction Hob offers an excellent combination of energy efficiency, safety, and versatility, making it an ideal choice for someone looking to upgrade their cooking experience. With a 3-year warranty and easy-to-clean surface, it provides a convenient and worry-free addition to any kitchen.

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9. Cookology CIH602 60cm Induction Hob

This Cookology induction hob has made my cooking experience much easier and enjoyable, and I highly recommend it.

When I installed the Cookology CIH602 Induction Hob in my kitchen, I immediately noticed the sleek and modern design that complemented my countertop. The black ceramic glass not only looks great but is also incredibly easy to clean after cooking.

One of the standout features for me is the touch control system, making it extremely user-friendly and responsive. The hob has nine power levels, giving me excellent control over cooking temperatures, which is especially important considering the 6400W total power. I love how the induction technology allows it to heat and cool almost instantly, making it very efficient and safe compared to traditional hobs.

However, it’s important to note that not all of my existing pots and pans were compatible with the induction hob. I had to invest in some induction-compatible cookware, but it was well worth the added cost for the performance I experienced. Additionally, the hob needs to be hardwired by a qualified electrician, so be prepared for a professional installation.

Although the Cookology hob has internal fans that can be slightly noisy, their sound does not bother me much, especially when the oven is installed. Overall, the functional perks of the induction hob, such as the easy-to-use touch controls, quick heating and cooling, and the child lock feature for safety, far outweigh the minor drawbacks, making it an excellent purchase for any kitchen.

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10. Russell Hobbs RH60IH401B Induction Hob

I recommend this induction hob for its outstanding performance, affordability, and sleek design.

I recently installed the Russell Hobbs RH60IH401B induction hob in my kitchen and I must say, I have been impressed by its performance. It features four cooking zones that heat up almost instantly, making it incredibly convenient for all kinds of cooking tasks. With front and centre touch controls, operating the hob is a breeze, although I did notice that large pans can sometimes cover the buttons, accidentally changing the settings.

The black Schott glass design of this induction hob adds a modern and stylish touch to my kitchen, and I appreciate the construction, which is intended to be sustainable and high quality. Cleaning the surface is quick and easy, thanks to the smooth glass material; however, keep in mind that you will need specific induction-compatible saucepans for the best results.

I am pleased with the intelligent safety features that this hob offers, such as a child lock and auto safety cut-off. It’s ideal for a family home, giving me peace of mind when cooking around my children. The residual heat indicator also helps me identify which heat zones are still hot after turning off the hob. One thing I should note is that the hob tends to be a tad noisy during operation, with some clicking and buzzing sounds, although it didn’t bother me too much.

In summary, the Russell Hobbs RH60IH401B induction hob has exceeded my expectations in terms of performance, design, and value for money. Its few drawbacks are easily manageable, making it a wise choice for those seeking to upgrade their kitchen with a top-notch induction hob.

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Buying Guide

When I’m looking for the best induction hob in the UK, I consider several key features to ensure I make the right choice. In this buying guide, I’ll share some tips to help you choose the perfect induction hob for your needs.

Alternatives to Induction Hobs

There are several alternatives to using an induction hob, including gas hobs, electric coil hobs, and ceramic hobs. Gas hobs are a traditional option that offer precise temperature control and quick heating but require a gas supply and can be less energy-efficient. Electric coil hobs heat up more slowly and have less precise temperature control, but are a more affordable option. Ceramic hobs are similar to induction hobs in that they have a smooth glass surface, but they use radiant heating elements instead of induction coils to heat up the cookware. Ultimately, the choice between different hob types will depend on personal preference and the specific needs of the user.

Size and Number of Cooking Zones

First, it’s essential to think about the size of the induction hob and the number of cooking zones it offers. Check the dimensions to ensure it fits perfectly in your kitchen. Consider the number of cooking zones you typically use – for some, a four-zone hob is sufficient, while others may require a larger unit with five or more cooking zones.

Power and Temperature Control

Efficient power and precise temperature control are crucial factors to consider. Induction hobs with varying power levels allow you to cook a wide range of dishes with ease. Look for features such as the booster function, which increases the power in a specific zone, enabling rapid heating.

Safety Features

Safety should always be a priority when selecting kitchen appliances. Induction hobs come with several safety features, which may include:

  • Child lock: Prevents accidental activation or changes to the settings
  • Residual heat indicator: Shows when the cooking zone is still hot
  • Pan detection: Automatically turns off the hob if no pan is detected or if it’s incompatible

Additional Functions

While not always essential, additional functions can enhance your cooking experience. Some features to look for include:

  • Timer: Set cooking times for each zone
  • Bridge function: Combine two cooking zones to accommodate larger cookware
  • Pause function: Temporarily stop cooking to attend to distractions

In summary, choosing the best induction hob requires careful consideration of your needs, your kitchen space, and the features you value most. By following this guide, I’m confident you’ll find the perfect appliance to make cooking a breeze.


I’ve had a delightful time researching and analysing the best induction hobs available in the UK. It’s clear that induction hobs are an excellent choice for modern kitchens, offering energy efficiency and precise temperature control.

Key features that I prioritised while evaluating these hobs were:

  • Heating speed
  • Energy efficiency
  • Safety features
  • Ease of cleaning

While these factors helped me narrow down my choices, it’s essential to consider your specific kitchen layout, cooking preferences, and budget when selecting your ideal induction hob.

I hope that by sharing my thoughts and experiences, I’ve been able to provide some valuable guidance on finding the perfect induction hob for your UK kitchen. Happy cooking!

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