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1/3/5 Head LED Solar Simulation Sunflower Lights Garden Yard Lawn Night Lights Landscape Lamp Home Decorative Flower Lights

1/3/5 Head LED Solar Simulation Sunflower Lights Garden Yard Lawn Night Lights Landscape Lamp Home Decorative Flower Lights

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Brand: Ligghig

Included Components: Bulbs

Place of Manufacture: Mainland China

Standard Compliance: CCC

Weather Resistance: IP65

Construction Material: ABS

Product Category: Outdoor Lawn Lighting

Design Aesthetic: Contemporary

Availability of Choices: Yes

Product Description:

This offering is the Ligghig 1/3 Head LED Solar Simulation Sunflower Lights, an elegant and functional addition to outdoor spaces like gardens, yards, and lawns. These lights double as attractive landscape lamps and home decorative elements.

Key Features:

  1. Dual-Purpose Solar Lights: These lights not only provide beautiful nighttime lighting along pathways but also enhance the daytime aesthetics of gardens. Ideal for various outdoor locations including gardens, tree surroundings, flower beds, fences, and walkways.

  2. Simple Setup: Installation is straightforward and safe, requiring no wiring. Simply place the stake into the soil and activate the switch.

  3. Weatherproof and Long-lasting: The lights are designed to withstand outdoor conditions. They remain vibrant and unfaded even after exposure to wind and rain.

  4. Intelligent Lighting Control: Equipped with a light sensor, these lights automatically operate from dusk till dawn. They do not activate in bright conditions. Placement in an optimal location is recommended for best results.

  5. Enhanced Solar Charging: Features an upgraded solar panel with a 600 mAh rechargeable battery. This allows for more efficient sunlight absorption, resulting in brighter illumination for 8-15 hours after a charging period of 4-6 hours. The lights are crafted from high-quality flexible materials, with petals designed to be both beautiful and lifelike.


Materials: Silk fabric, ABS, stainless steel

Product Identifier: Solar Sunflower Light

Color Scheme: Yellow

Battery Specifications: 1.2V 600mAh, rechargeable

Protection Against Elements: IP65 rating

Operational Mechanism: On/off switch (located on the solar panel)

Required Charging Duration: 4-6 hours under sunny conditions

Operational Duration: 8-15 hours

Package Contents:

1 Ligghig Solar Sunflower Light

          5 Heads Solar LED Simulation Rose Flower          



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