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High Quality Iron Wok Traditional Handmade Iron Wok Pan Non-stick Pan Non-coating Induction and Gas Cooker Cookware

High Quality Iron Wok Traditional Handmade Iron Wok Pan Non-stick Pan Non-coating Induction and Gas Cooker Cookware

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Brand: None

Produced in: Mainland China

Compatibility: Suitable for both Gas and Induction Cooktops

Construction Material: Cast Iron

Product Code: q383

Wok Style: Non-stick Surface

Lid: Not included

Metal Category: Cast Iron

Kitchenware Category: Woks

Sustainability: Eco-Friendly

Availability: Readily Available

Standards Compliance: CE / EU, CIQ Certified

Measurements: Diameter of 32cm, Depth of 9.05cm

Item Description:

  • Iron Craftsmanship: This kitchenware is crafted from premium grade fine iron, ensuring longevity, a non-coating cooking surface, and resistance to scratching. Prior to the first use, a simple wash with warm soapy water is recommended to remove any protective coatings.

  • Efficient Heating: Engineered with a composite base and a bottom featuring a threaded design, this wok is built to heat up swiftly and maintain even heat distribution, standing 9cm tall to facilitate quick cooking while conserving energy.

  • Classic Size: With a 32cm diameter and a 9cm deep construction, this wok includes a heat-resistant wooden handle, balancing lightweight design with functionality, making it a practical choice for everyday culinary tasks. Packaged in an appealing yellow paper carton, it also makes a thoughtful present for mothers and friends.

  • Versatile Use: A true kitchen multitasker, this wok excels at frying, boiling, stewing, sautéing, and steaming, making it an asset in any cooking arsenal. Compatible with gas stoves, induction cookers, and ceramic hobs, it's a gateway to gourmet meals for the entire family.

  • Simple Assembly & Care: Comes with a straightforward assembly kit including the wok, a wooden handle, a long nut, and a circle. Installation is easy: place the circle in the slot of the wok body, align the handle, and secure it with the nut. Post-use, wipe the wok dry to prevent rusting and store appropriately to avoid excessive moisture and sunlight exposure.


Upon arrival, the wok requires an initial wash. For optimal non-stick performance, season with a small amount of cooking oil before each use. Post-cleaning, thoroughly dry with a towel to prevent rust.


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