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My Neighbor Totoro Miniature Ornaments Japanese Cartoon Totoro Decoration Home Room Decor Garden Desk Cute Ornaments Miniatures

My Neighbor Totoro Miniature Ornaments Japanese Cartoon Totoro Decoration Home Room Decor Garden Desk Cute Ornaments Miniatures

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Brand: None

Composition: Resin

Production Locale: Mainland China

Customization Option: Available

Design Motif: Inspired by TV & Movie Characters

Smart Technology: Not included

Aesthetic: Influenced by Japanese Design

Manufacturing Technique: Injection Molding

Materials Used: Combination of Resin and PVC

Home Accents Collection: Inspired by Hayao Miyazaki

Charming Totoro Figurine: Ideal for Home and Room Embellishment

Decorative Item: Enhances Home Ambiance

Room Accent Piece: Adds Character to Spaces

Outdoor Adornment: Suitable for Desk Display

Availability: Supports Dropshipping, Wholesale, Retail, and Direct Sales

Special Note: Regular updates in-store, reach out for shipping queries

Description: Presenting a Studio G Miniature Resin Figure - A Must-Have for Home, Room, and Garden, featuring Hayao Miyazaki's Totoro

Key Attributes:

  • Crafted as a petite resin figure, perfect for miniature landscapes.
  • Environmentally conscious blend of resin and PVC, featuring an exquisite texture and a pleasant tactile experience.
  • Enhanced durability, resistant to breakage.
  • Adds a touch of romance and vitality to gardens.
  • Versatile for personalizing with various plant types for home, garden, or dining table decor.

Applications: Ideal for home, bedroom, living room, garden, miniature settings, flower pot enhancements, symbolizing fortune and enchantment.

Ideal as Presents: These miniatures are excellent gifts for enthusiasts of tiny landscapes. Despite their compact size, they appeal to both adults and children. An exceptional choice for birthdays, anniversaries, or engagement presents.

Material Composition: Resin and PVC Quality Commitment: Rigorous product inspection

Package Contents: 1 * Your Selection

Appreciation Request: If satisfied, a five-star review would be greatly appreciated.

Special Instructions for Dropshippers: For separate packaging, please contact our customer service or leave a note.

Bulk Purchase Information: Wholesalers or bulk buyers should place an import order first. We'll adjust the total cost based on quantity to optimize your expenses, ensuring mutual benefit.

Please Note:

  • The actual product color may slightly differ from the images, due to varying lighting and screen settings.
  • Allow minor deviations in size due to manual measurement.

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