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Pink Rainbow Growth Chart for Kids Wall Stickers Measure Height Wall Chart Children Ruler Nursery Room Decor Wall Art Girl

Pink Rainbow Growth Chart for Kids Wall Stickers Measure Height Wall Chart Children Ruler Nursery Room Decor Wall Art Girl

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Brand: Lahoment

Material: PVC

Produced in: Mainland China

Applications: Adhesive for Refrigerator, Exhaust, Stove Cabinetry, Tiles, Walls, Furniture, Switch Panels, Floors, Windows

Pack: Assorted Items

Design Theme: Cartoon

Setting: Wall Application

Motif: Flat Surface Character Decal

Label: Lahoment

Purpose: Embellishing homes, Presenting as gifts, Enhancing walls

Composition: PVC for Measuring Growth

Placement Area: Living spaces, Sleeping quarters, Washrooms, Eating areas, Entryways, Transparent surfaces

Item Kind: Sticker for Recording Stature

Tone: Vivid Growth Recorder

Target Audience: All ages - Kids to Adults, Both genders, Young girls and boys

Central Theme: Imaginative Growth Markers for Young Rooms

Design Format: Flat Decal Illustration

Regulatory Identifier: Inventive Measuring Tool for Offspring

Usable On: Glass, Restroom surfaces, Floors, Walls, Light switches, Latrines

Fashion: Growth Record for the Young

Usage: Measuring Vertical Progress

Features Include:

  • Wall-Mounted Stature Log for the Young
  • Height Documentation for Offspring
  • Stature Tracking for Little Ones
  • Adornments for Domestic Spaces
  • Visual Growth Indicators for Children
  • Stature Recording for Youngsters
  • Elevation Chart for Toddlers
  • Child-Friendly Height Log
  • Height Percentile Reference for Offspring
  • Stature Evolution Tracker
  • Average Stature Reference for Juveniles
  • Stature Analysis Tools
  • Stature Assessment for Young Individuals
  • Height Reference for Young Boys and Girls
  • Progression Recording and Analysis

SKU: Creative Decorative Floral Wall Adhesives

Product Package:

  • 1 Lahoment Child Growth Chart Wall Sticker
  • 1 Surprise Decal Gift

Instructions for Use:

  1. Select a surface that is even, moisture-free, and clean.
  2. Detach the decal and press firmly onto the chosen spot.
  3. Employ a plastic card to eliminate any air pockets.

Applicable Surfaces:

  • Even, sturdy, and unsoiled areas like walls, doors, panes, and furniture.
  • Suitable for homes, whether leased or owned, and various living spaces.

Adhesive Features:

  • Easily applied and removed without wall damage, perfect for frequent decor changes.
  • Note: The stickers showcased are scaled for effect and may not represent actual dimensions. Please refer to the mentioned sizes. Ensure the chosen surface is prepped properly before application.

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