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Psychedelic Mushroom Tapestry Divination Psychic Wall Hanging Hippie Boho Cute Room Decoration Magic Tapestries Art Home Decor

Psychedelic Mushroom Tapestry Divination Psychic Wall Hanging Hippie Boho Cute Room Decoration Magic Tapestries Art Home Decor

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Product Name: Unique Polyester Tapestry

Place of Manufacture: Mainland China, specifically in Zhejiang

Composition: Crafted exclusively from 100% Polyester

Design: Rectangular in shape, this tapestry boasts a blend of New Classical and Post-modern aesthetics. It features a vibrant, psychedelic mushroom pattern, intricately woven to create an eye-catching piece.

Colour Theme: This tapestry showcases a mesmerizing array of colours, with a focus on a psychedelic mushroom theme, making it a perfect addition for those who appreciate hippie and boho styles, as well as anyone seeking a cute and magical touch in their room decor.

Detailed Description: This tapestry is an ideal embellishment for any living space, perfectly suited for those who admire the figure of Jesus. Its hand-painted style adds a unique flair, making it not only a decorative piece but also a thoughtful gift for friends.

Fabric Quality: The tapestry is crafted with a focus on quality, using durable polyester material.

Please Note:

  • The tapestry is exclusively made of thin polyester fabric.
  • It features a single-sided print, with the reverse side being plain white.
  • Care instructions include machine wash with mild detergent and air drying.
  • The color representation may vary slightly due to differences in computer monitors.
  • A tolerance of 2-3% is allowed in the measurements (conversion: 1 inch = 2.54 cm).

Package Contents: Includes one tapestry

Dimensions Available: The tapestry comes in various sizes to suit different spaces -

  • Small: 95x73cm, 150x100cm
  • Medium: 150x130cm, 150x150cm, 200x150cm, 230x150cm
  • Large: 250x150cm, 280x150cm, 230x180cm, 250x180cm
  • Extra Large: 280x180cm, 320x180cm

Versatile Uses: Ideal for bedroom, bedside, and living room decoration. Also suitable as a painting for parties, Yoga mat, beach towel, scarf, picnic mat, bedspread, sofa chair cover, tablecloth, wall art, blanket, and more.

Material: Made from high-quality polyester fiber.

Care Instructions: Easy to clean, this tapestry can be machine washed or hand washed without any risk of fading.

Expanded Description: This tapestry is not just a decorative item for homes, coffee shops, or offices; it can also be used for Yoga, as a beach towel, scarf, or picnic mat. It's a versatile and practical choice that also makes a great gift for friends and family.

Additional Information: The tapestry's wide range of uses includes functioning as beach towels, shower curtains, bed sheets, picnic mats, tablecloths, and ceiling decorations. Its simple yet elegant design makes it an ideal gift for loved ones.

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