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Soft Fur Wool Rugs for Bedroom Living Room Carpet Fluffy Sofa Chair Cushion Washable Hairy Bedside Floor Mat Sleeping Room Rug

Soft Fur Wool Rugs for Bedroom Living Room Carpet Fluffy Sofa Chair Cushion Washable Hairy Bedside Floor Mat Sleeping Room Rug

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Introducing the NATURAL KISS Area Rug:

Crafted with excellence in Mainland China, this exquisite piece offers a fusion of modern design and comfort. Boasting a sleek rectangular shape, it is an embodiment of elegance in a fur rug style.

At the heart of its design is a commitment to quality, made evident by its 100% polyester construction. This modern style rug is not just a statement piece but also a versatile addition to various spaces, including homes, hotels, and bedrooms. It serves both decorative and practical purposes, making it an ideal choice for any bedroom setting.

The rug is designed for easy maintenance, accommodating both hand and mechanical washing methods. Its machine-made construction ensures durability and consistent quality.

Customization is available, making each rug unique to your space. The model, known as the "area rug," features a tasteful solid pattern, blending seamlessly into any decor.

Key Features:

  • Premium Material: This rug is crafted from high-grade faux sheepskin fur, offering a plush, soft touch unparalleled in comfort and quality. It's hypoallergenic, making it suitable for people of all ages.
  • Non-Slip Design: The bottom is lined with slip-resistant suede leather, meticulously sewn to ensure the rug stays in place, providing a blend of safety and aesthetics.
  • Ideal Size: Available in various sizes to suit different rooms, the rug boasts a height of 2.8 inches, ideal for adding a cosy layer over cold floors or hard chairs. Please note that manual measurements may vary slightly.
  • Versatile Use: A luxurious addition to any space, this area rug, with its saturated colour, can brighten up a living room, kid's playroom, bedroom, or even adorn a fireplace area.
  • Easy Maintenance: This portable rug is simple to care for. Just shake it to restore its fluffy texture after unboxing. It can be cleaned with a vacuum, wiped with a damp cloth, or machine washed on a gentle cycle, then laid flat to dry.

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with the NATURAL KISS Area Rug, a modern-day essential for any elegant living space.


Machine Wash Guidelines:

While machine washable, for best results, use cold water and place the rug in a laundry bag. Avoid tumble drying.

Shedding Information:

Initial shedding is normal due to the rug's fabrication process. To remove loose fibres, use gentle tapping, adhesive tape, or standard cleaning methods.

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