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Super Absorbent Shower Bath Mat Bathroom Anti-Slip Carpet Rug Simple Kitchen Entrance Soft Door Bathtub Side Bath Mat Home Decor

Super Absorbent Shower Bath Mat Bathroom Anti-Slip Carpet Rug Simple Kitchen Entrance Soft Door Bathtub Side Bath Mat Home Decor

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Manufacturer: Unbranded

Place of Manufacture: China, Zhejiang Province

Composition: Synthetic Rubber

Design: Contemporary

Pattern: Linear

Creation Process: Automated Manufacturing


Characteristics: Environmentally Conscious, Readily Available

Intended Use: Restroom

Variants include:

  • Quick-dry shower mat
  • Moisture-wicking restroom rug
  • Combo bath and toilet mat
  • Durable rubber shower mat
  • Diatomite quick-dry mat
  • Tub non-skid pad
  • Dish drying pad
  • Culinary area rug
  • Full bathroom mat collection
  • Toilet scrubber
  • Dual bath and toilet rug
  • Cooking area carpet
  • Entryway rug
  • Secure shower footing mat
  • Complete bath rug and mat collection
  • Ultra-absorbent tub mat
  • High-efficiency kitchen mat
  • Safety bath mat
  • Shower room carpet

Product Details:

  1. "Ultra-absorbent restroom mat" offers a plush texture that provides a comfortable touch and can be easily rolled up for convenient stowing, ensuring the living space remains orderly and inviting.

  2. Constructed from a blend of PVC and soft velvet fibres for enhanced quick-drying capabilities compared to standard mats. Its rubberized underside ensures a non-slip surface, offering improved security and steadiness.

  3. Exhibits superior moisture-wicking abilities with rapid fluid penetration, preventing water accumulation. It efficiently absorbs both water and grease, maintaining a spotless and arid flooring, which contributes to a cosy and hygienic home environment.

  4. Versatile placement options including the washroom, beside the sink, culinary space, washing area, living quarters, sleeping area, and entryway.

Composition: Polyester fiber. Dimensions: 40 by 60 cm / 15.7 by 23.6 inches The top side features a crystal velvet fabric, while the bottom side is equipped with non-slip plastic. Recommended Usage: Bathroom, floor, water closet, sleeping quarters, doorway, etc.

Cleaning Instructions: Dry cleaning is suggested, alternatively use a specialized carpet cleaning solution. Qualities: High water absorption, anti-slip backing, resilient, and easy to cleanse. Contents of Package: One piece.

Purchase Advice: Please note a tolerance of ±1-3 cm for sizing inaccuracies and a slight variation in colour. Upon unpacking, the product may appear slightly ruffled. A gentle shake will restore its smoothness.


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