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Traditional iron wok,Non-coating Woks Hand forged For Kitchen PanWooden Handle Wok Kitchen Gas Pot Cookware

Traditional iron wok,Non-coating Woks Hand forged For Kitchen PanWooden Handle Wok Kitchen Gas Pot Cookware

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Brand: onetwone

Country of Manufacture: Mainland China

Compatible Heat Source: Designed for Gas Cooktops

Construction Material: Iron

Design of Wok: Non-stick Surface

Lid Type: Comes with a Glass Lid

Metal Composition: Iron-crafted

Kitchenware Category: Woks

Sustainability: Eco-conscious

Availability: Readily Available

Standards Compliance: CE / EU Certified, CIQ Approved

Product Designation: Traditional Chinese Iron Wok

Available Sizes: 30cm, 32cm, 34cm

Culinary Experience: Yes, enhances flavor

Coloration: Classic Black

Cultural Influence: Traditional Chinese

Base Structure: Rounded Bottom

Compatibility: Universally suited for gas stoves

Intended Environments: Home kitchens, restaurants, and for outdoor camping activities


High temperature forging wok

About this project

  • Traditional Iron Craftsmanship – Crafted from premium fine iron by skilled artisans, this wok is meticulously hand-forged. Its surface develops a multitude of subtle textures that enhance its non-stick properties. The result of this forging process is a robust, scratch and wear-resistant wok that promises healthful and flavorsome cooking experiences.
  • Pre-Seasoned Wok – Anticipating the user's needs for a ready-to-use wok, our adept forging masters subject the iron to intense flames and high temperatures post-forging to enhance its non-stick capabilities. Upon arrival, the wok requires only a simple wash with warm soapy water before it's ready for culinary action.
  • Featherweight Design – With a pot body thickness of just 1.55mm, this lightweight wok suits the daily kitchen maneuvers of any home cook. Available in diameters of 30cm, 32cm, and 34cm, it caters to a family's standard cooking needs. It's an ideal gift to lighten the culinary load of moms or friends.
  • Versatile Rounded Base – Designed for multifunctional cooking, our wok excels in frying, boiling, stewing, sautéing, and steaming, and is compatible with gas stoves. It comes equipped with a heat-resistant beechwood handle, facilitating a variety of delightful meals for the family.
  • Simplified Cleaning – The wok's inner wall boasts delicate, mottled hammer imprints that are smooth to the touch. Forged by artisans, the iron's high density and propensity for oil retention create a slick surface that simplifies cleaning. This wok is completely free of any chemical coatings, eschewing PFOA and PFTE for a pure cooking experience.


This wok has been pre-seasoned and does not require additional seasoning. Constructed from iron, it should be dried thoroughly after washing and stored dry to prevent rusting.

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