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UV Toothbrush Holder Rechargeable Fast Drying Toothbrush Razor Storage Steriliser With LED Display Bathroom Accessories

UV Toothbrush Holder Rechargeable Fast Drying Toothbrush Razor Storage Steriliser With LED Display Bathroom Accessories

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Product Brand: CRMBO

Place of Manufacture: Mainland China

Smart Technology: No

Composition: Plastic and Stainless Steel

Customisation Option: Available

Key Attributes:

🌟 [Enhanced Toothbrush and Shaver Sanitiser with Air Drying] - This device not only sterilises but also air dries up to 5 toothbrushes and razor shavers independently, ensuring they remain as good as new every day. It employs warm air at 45°C for drying, effectively inhibiting bacterial growth in damp conditions. This guarantees a hygienic toothbrush for you and your family every time.
🌟 [Advanced Sterilisation with Cold Cathode Technology, 253.7nm Wavelength] - Boasting a radiation intensity over 50 times stronger than LED sources, it utilises UVC ultraviolet light for safe yet potent sterilisation. Its design includes an automatic shut-off when the lid is opened for added family safety.
🌟 [Extensive Battery Life] - Concerned about the lack of power outlets in your bathroom? The CRMBO toothbrush holder addresses this with its built-in, high-capacity ternary lithium battery (4000mAh), which is also detachable for convenient charging. A single full charge lasts up to a month, assuming twice daily sterilisation operations.
🌟 [Four Distinct Operating Modes] - Activate the auto cycle disinfection mode with a single left button press; use the right button for a 180-second disinfection, double-click for a 660-second disinfection and air-drying cycle, or triple-click for a 990-second extensive disinfection and drying process.
🌟 [Reasons to Choose CRMBO] - Constructed from superior flame-retardant ABS material, the product is meticulously crafted to be safe and smooth, ensuring worry-free usage for both adults and children. Customer support is readily available to address any inquiries within 12 hours.

Technical Details:

Product: Toothbrush and Razor Sanitising Holder
Operational Temperature Range: -10℃ to 50℃
Power Consumption: 8W
Charging Interface: Type-C
Battery Specifications: 4000mAh
Charging Requirements: 5V 2A, approximately 5 hours for a full charge
Maximum Sanitisation Duration: 990 seconds
Charging Indicators: Flashing red for low battery, solid red during charging, green when fully charged
Product Weight: 0.49 Kg

Package Contents:

1 Toothbrush Steriliser, 1 Wall Mount Holder, 1 Charging Cable, 1 User Manual


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